There is no better feeling than waking up to your friends sending you gifts in pokemon go

2022.01.26 04:17 oogwayjustbelieve There is no better feeling than waking up to your friends sending you gifts in pokemon go

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2022.01.26 04:17 CyanideSaddness Weed in a relationship.

TDLR : is it controlling or unacceptable to ask my boyfriend to stop smoking weed, when it helps him with depression and ADHD.
Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years. When we first met neither of us drank, or smoked weed although we do both vape. About two years into our relationship I wanted to try smoking weed with him, and we got really into it together. We smoked everyday for over a year straight, but it lead us both to having a hard time holding a job, having issues mentally, and more specifically for him feeling like weed was an escape from being bored/under stimulated from his ADHD, and escaping our relationship problems. It became so much of a problem that from the moment he woke up to the moment he went to bed he was usually outside smoking. 24/7. I quit smoking, and urged him to stop and after about 8 months and an “ultimatum” of its either me and our relationship or him smoking weed, he did stop. It’s only been about 3 months since he stopped smoking, and recently he had been showing interest in smoking again. Every time it was brought up I told him my feelings hadn’t changed, and due to his addictive personality, being a causal smoker wasn’t something he seemed capable of doing. His perspective on this is that I am controlling, and I have no right to tell him how he lives his life. When he smokes I find it very unattractive, as he is slower, and even more forgetful than he is in his day to day life. He also becomes more agitated when he’s not smoking. So even limiting his smoking to the evenings, it feels like he is in a bad mood and just waiting to smoke. He had gotten back into it about a week ago, and only smoked once a night, now he’s smoking twice a night, not a huge change but again it goes to show that he can’t stick with just doing it once. I do really understand that it helps with stimulation and his depression, but I don’t want to be with someone who can’t hangout with me unless he’s allowed to smoke because he finds it to boring. Any advice on this? Is it simply something I will either need to learn to live with, or live without him?
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2022.01.26 04:17 kibblesfiddles Did i just got friendzoned by tinder guy or..

Basically, we matched on Tinder and he is a respectable, nice and gentle guy. Right from the beginning he has told me that while he is not interested in hookups, he is not ready for a relationship right now due to having just come out of an abusive relationship.
Perfect for me - i told him. This is because I'm the exact opposite; i have been single for years and after working on myself (therapy, attachment issues etc) I am just slowly stepping into the market seeing what is there for me. I have met guys that are way too intense (like assuming exclusivity or assuming I am his girlfriend just after one or two dates....) wnich triggers my attachment issues hence most guys I never want to see again after one date. Right now i just want to meet people, take my time.
So this guy here works for me, i figured. We'll just take it slow and go out on dates.
So go out on dates we did! We have been going out dutifully (lol) once a week, and he has also been dutifully (lol) asking me how's my day every other day etc. Slow and steady; while i would admit we do not have the best chemistry/no electric sparks (lol) i like this pace.
However, its been about two months and i notice i might have been friendzoned???? Lol.
- He never flirt with me, i would send one or two cheeky text and he would always ignore these.
- He never touches me as well; even in the cinema when im holding his arm he never reacted.
- That day while opening up about his previous s, he said he offered to be friends with the ex because he "wont be dating so soon anyway" - when i asked what that meant he said it is because if he was dating, it would be unfair to the new girl to be frineds with the ex. (I rmb feeling blindsided so i never probed or asked when he told her this, or whether this still applies).
- We were looking at the yearly astrology predictions (just for fun i swear lol) and he casually commented saying 'its fake! my romance this year is definitely an F' (the app showed a B for him lol).
So here i am, wondering if this is worth it? I liked the idea of going slow and seeing how things is. However, if i am just right deep in the friendzone i think i'll save myself further or potential heartache. It felt slightly 'damning' (?) for him to say that his 'romance this year would be an F'. not sure if it was a joke, am i overthinking it? Or it is his way of telling me we are never working it out?
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2022.01.26 04:17 Obewyn Insurers Report Growing Use of Fraud-Detection Technology, Artificial Intelligence

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2022.01.26 04:17 Obewyn The 5 Biggest Fitness And Wellness Technology Trends In 2022

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2022.01.26 04:17 BlackBabeMagic27 Met an awesome dude on Tinder who is so HOT AND COLD!

I met someone off tinder who I seriously vibe with... Like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly! Him 30m and me 25f. We were stupid similar about everything! He had all the same interests and everything I do! He told me he was serious and wanted kids and to marry on our first date! I am also interested. We had dinner at a local diner then I went to his! We talked and I wanted to hook up but he wasn't down at all! I spent the night but he slept on the couch! We both said we liked each other and I was down to do "the deed" but he wasn't. After, I messaged him right away! He didn't message first but eventually answered! So we have a new date... but is he even actually interested of......?
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2022.01.26 04:17 Rob346 Is Sedgwick 24 hours?

I was out for covid leave and my people lead told me I can backdate it because I had no idea I was supposed to call.
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2022.01.26 04:17 NoodlesIsDumb What is your guy’s least favorite level in the game?

Personally, I really hate Bloodbath, as I find it really hard to enjoy, and because the difficulty is very inconsistent IMO. I would really like to hear what everyone else thinks, so let’s start a discussion.
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2022.01.26 04:17 Obewyn Chrome tries new ad targeting technology after privacy backlash

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2022.01.26 04:17 AllHailCraig Chad cat works out

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2022.01.26 04:17 Obewyn 22 cybersecurity myths organizations need to stop believing in 2022

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2022.01.26 04:17 RaymonLyons metahero Got This

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2022.01.26 04:17 BlackShrike why warring kingdom garen vi and radiant wukong have limited mark?

the patch notes didnt say they are limited. although garen and vi are limited in cn server and they dont have radiant wukong yet
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2022.01.26 04:17 Obewyn Ignis Therapeutics Licenses NeuroSigma eTNS Technology for

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2022.01.26 04:17 StennieNix "I don't know if I like it or not"

hey guys! how would I say,
"I don't know if I like that or not"
as if someone said something, or you've seen something you're not quite sure about.
I do know about the sentence,
"jag vet inte"
but I didn't know if I would use it in this sentence or not.
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2022.01.26 04:17 4andahalfmarks Let's Gooo!

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2022.01.26 04:17 MaoriJezuz NZ Surveyors, I have a question?

How much would it cost to subdivide a section?
For example, 2 hectares from a 40-hectare section. Rural land, could I get a ballpark figure?
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2022.01.26 04:17 ndosks PAYING ROBUX FOR PHOENIX

Lmk if u have any
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2022.01.26 04:17 marto1__ Reading online news sites/magazines 16-29 year olds (2021)

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2022.01.26 04:17 -heytey- Selling 4 rb 404 demon for 150 robux + tax each

Really need robux rn but i also accept bbc and AMP
Negotiable :)
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2022.01.26 04:17 quit-your-job What are the reputale, affordable business school here?

I'm looking for factors like affordability, reputation and international recognition.
What do you recommend?
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2022.01.26 04:17 salvaged-parts The most inconspicuous bot I've encountered on ESO to date. Impressive.

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2022.01.26 04:17 ladyplopsalot Is this life changing?!

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2022.01.26 04:17 Obewyn Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0228-02 – Torchsec

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2022.01.26 04:17 Bully_Mcguires_Dirt Would you describe intrusive thoughts as being forced?

Does it feel like you yourself are willingly and consciously forcing these thoughts into your head for no reason? Thats what it feels for me. I could be feeling completely normal, minding my own business and then I would see something that in hindsight would be considered a trigger, and then I suddenly force an intrusive thought into my head. It feels like i'm purposely putting the thoughts into my mind. Sso the trigger is seeing a random man, and the forced thought is me saying like "you want to do this to them". But it feels as if I am forcefully and consciously putting that thought in my head as a way to sort of sabotage myself....
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