Troubled plant, but trichomes say it's ready to harvest; should I or wait?

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2021.11.28 15:38 Cablex66 Troubled plant, but trichomes say it's ready to harvest; should I or wait?

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2021.11.28 15:38 Super_Mongoose4833 Hello everyone, I just ordered a macbook pro m1 2020 and I want to use that mostly for editing videos in premiere pro and after effects. It has 8 gb of ram and 256 of ssd. Does anybody know if I can do the job with it?

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2021.11.28 15:38 -saats ''Before the shift'', by L. Vitskovskiy, 1957.

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2021.11.28 15:38 sjsiii1978 Gave Santa my Wish list!!

I told Santa I wanted a GCLOADER , a matching Laserbear 3D printed bracket and a mClassic for Christmas. Mall Security told me just because I have 4 boys doesn’t mean I get a turn on Santa’s lap as they helped me out of the Mall.
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2021.11.28 15:38 fuzzyunderthing A Heartree Homecoming (Part II)

This is post is part of a series. You can read the previous chapters here: I
A Heartree Homecoming (Part II)
[2 CE]
As Isla had repeatedly reminded him, Jasper wasn’t angry, he was frustrated. And cold. And tired.
“It’s freezing and I’ve been up here for hours, bruv. Can’t you work any faster?”
Now Jasper was frustrated, cold, tired, and extremely annoyed at this man. He was obviously miserable, being dangled from a cliff face two hundred feet in the air will do that to you, but he had done nothing except complain and criticize Jasper’s work ever since he’d rappelled down to save him. And to make it worse, the cold mist from the Spout had soaked through all of Jasper’s clothes so now he could add “soaking wet” to the ever growing list.
“Sir, as I’ve already told you, this is delicate work. I’ve made an anchor up here and have you clipped into it but that doesn’t mean I want to accidentally cut the wrong line and have you fall and shock load my rope. That would put us both at even greater risk.”
“Wait, hold up! You’re cutting my kite? Do you have any idea how expensive it was? You can’t just chop it to pieces, I saved for months to buy this. It’s custom built! Can’t you get me out of here any other way?”
Jasper gritted his teeth and acted as if he were sawing through a particularly stubborn branch. Maybe you should have thought about that before you idiotically tried to ride the Spout, despite all of the signs warning you not to, and got blasted up here instead. “Sir, that’s not going to happen. You’re so tangled up here that I can hardly tell where your kite starts and you and the tree begin. It’s either I cut the kite or you learn to catch salmon birds with your bare hands for food because you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.”
The man crossed his arms with a hmph and a pout.
Isla, for the love of all that is good, please fly faster or I swear will kill this man myself. “Don’t worry, sir. We’ll have you out of here in a jiffy.”
All in all, the rescue took almost four hours. Isla arrived in the heli and together they were able to maneuver him into the stretcher and air lift him back onto solid ground. The man was in pretty good shape all things considered but they had to medivac him back to one of the hospitals on Thriller in case he had fractured anything. Isla offered to drop Jasper off at the compound first but he opted just to hike back on his own, partly to save fuel and partly because he couldn’t stand being around the man for another moment longer.
Jasper’s mind wandered on his hike back and as always, he found himself mentally working out ways that they could have done things more smoothly, more quickly, and more cheaply. Maybe he should have gone down to assess the situation before calling Isla to bring in the heli. Every minute that they flew that thing cost them almost $200 worth of fuel and maintenance. The man’s insurance (if he had any) would help cover most of it but the twenty minutes of hovering that Isla had to do while he worked on cutting the man out would no doubt set them back. Jasper wished that they could build a proper hospital facility in the preserve so that they wouldn’t have to fly people to Thriller every time it happened but he knew that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.
The real problem, however, was that this was becoming a more and more common occurrence every year. The number of dumb, avoidable accidents like this had nearly tripled over the past two years and nothing they tried seemed to stem its growth. At this rate, they would be bankrupt in another two years.
Jasper blamed the Gram, or whatever it was called. A few years ago, the park was known only by a few die hard outdoors enthusiasts that were experienced, knew what they were doing, and came regularly every year. Then pictures and videos of the park started popping up online and suddenly every idiot that could afford a kite or parasail came here thinking they was going to get “glam-orous” by attempting suicide on the preserve’s most beautiful sights.
By the time he reached the compound, his jaw was starting to hurt from clenching it so tight. He sat himself down on the front steps and forced himself to enjoy the sunset. Heartree compound had been placed strategically at the top of the cliffside to selfishly hoard the best view of Liminal Lake in the entire preserve. Jasper had an uninterrupted view of the Spout, a column of water twenty feet in diameter that launched up nearly five hundred feet into the air. Swarms of all manner of birds, fish, and hybrids alike rode on its updrafts in an endlessly shifting helix. To this day, nobody knew what caused it. White, foamy water bubbled and roiled around the base of the spout so violently that it was impossible to dive down to investigate.
That didn’t seem to stop idiots from trying to kite surf close enough to it to get launched by it’s powerful updrafts, however. Jasper sighed. The view, one of his favorites in the park, wasn’t helping him relax at all. He rose and started into the compound to shed his wet clothes when he saw the shuttle pulling up to the compound.
“Welcome to the Heartree compound, where all of the Heartrees live in the park. But don’t worry, when you’re here you’re automatically family, so feel free to come inside and take a look. If you want, I’ll even show you my room! I just redecorated! We even have a gift shop so you can buy t-shirts with my face on it!”
Jasper could hear Lilly’s voice clear as day even with the doors closed and the bus a hundred meters downhill from him, and at last he felt the tension in his shoulders beginning to ease. That girl brought sunshine everywhere she went.
The doors of the bus opened and guests trickled out into the parking lot trailed by Lilly and another girl. It had been nearly six years since he’d last seen her and she’d grown from a child to woman since then, but he knew her at a glance. Duna Heartree.
Lilly ran up the hill towards him. “Jasper, look who’s back! I’ll be back in a minute, these old folks want to see my room!” She flew up the steps and gave Jasper a quick hug before disappearing into the compound. The elderly couple hustling after her were gasping for breath but still grinning like they were kids again. Lilly had that effect on people.
Duna trailed after her awkwardly and barely met his eye. Everything from her hair to her accessories were specifically chosen to make her look effortlessly cool. Her blonde hair was both longer and shorter than he had last seen it, with long wavy locks flowing off the top and back of her head but with sides shaved down to the scalp. Her clothes were simple but even Jasper could see that they were cut and tailored stylishly. He was glad to see that she was wearing sensibly sturdy hiking boots though.
“Jasper.” Her voice was colder than the Spout’s mist.
“Duna, you’re back. What brings you here?”
“Are you serious?” She spat the words. “How could you not tell me? He’s been dead for two years and not a single one of you told me. I had to find out about it from the fucking park website!”
The venom in her words left him speechless. “Duna, we wanted to. Trust me, we really did, but after what happened with your dad and then with you and your mom leaving.” Jasper’s voice trailed off. He took a breath and tried again. “We really tried to make contact with you two that first year. We sent packages, called, texted, emailed, everything we could think of. Lilly even dropped messages in bottles off of the ferry. She missed you so much that she cried almost every night for months. We never heard back once. It wasn’t until a few months in that we figured out that your mom was probably intercepting all of the messages.”
“You should have kept trying.” Duna’s face twisted up but Jasper knew she wouldn’t cry. She never did, even as a baby. Papa Cho always said she was the strongest of us all. Jasper was glad for it. Crying always made him cry.
“You’re right. We should have, but we didn’t think it was our place. We thought you hated us and never wanted to hear from us or see us again.” Jasper sighed. Digging up the past was never easy for him. So many mistakes, so many missed opportunities to do things the right way. “”Wait. Are you telling me your mom never told you about Papa Cho’s death?”
Duna looked away.
“Typical Heather.”
A thicc silence weighed down between them. Jasper wished Lilly were here to steer the conversation but he could hear her upstairs telling knock knock nature jokes to the elderly couple.
“So.” Duna was the one to break the silence.
“So,” Jasper agreed.
“Where’s everybody else?”
“Isla’s flying an idiot over to the hospital on Thriller.”
“And everyone else? Where’s Sandy and Ollie? Or Rainier? Helen? Carlsbad?”
Hearing each of their names felt like a dull knife being forced into his heart. “All gone. Helen passed away a few years ago. An accident up near Fire Fall. The rest left eventually for some reason or another. The only Heartrees left on the island are me, Isla, and Lilly. And now you.”
Duna stared at him, the shock obvious on her face. “Are you serious? How could that happen? What about Petra and Forrest? They just left Lilly here? Their own daughter?”
Jasper waved the question away. “It’s all old news. Doesn’t matter now. What matters is that you’re here now. How long are you staying for?”
“I-I’m not sure. I haven’t decided yet.”
“Well you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. Your room’s still upstairs right where you left it.” Jasper stood up and smiled at her for the first time since she left. “Duna, I’m so happy you’re home. Lilly’s probably over the moon now that you’re back, and I know Isla will be thrilled when she hears. I’ll hold off on radioing her for now. If I do that, she’ll probably risk stalling the heli and race back here as fast as she can. Oh and that reminds me. I need to give you your inheritance.”
Duna gave him a questioning look but followed him as he headed inside, his clothes still dripping off of him. He took her down to the basement to a dust old steamer trunk.
“I remember these. Me and Ollie would always hide in these when we used to play hide and seek with Papa Cho. One time he even locked us in and carried us out to the ferry as a prank.”
“Ha! I remember that. Heather lost her voice from screaming at him so much that night.”
“Mom never did like his pranks. Ollie and me loved it though.”
Jasper unlocked a faded blue trunk and retrieved a package wrapped in brown paper before handing it to Duna. Her name was scribbled across the top of it in Papa Cho’s messy script.
Duna took it in her hands. It was a box about the size of her palm. “Do you know what’s inside?”
“Nope, we all got something different. He made them all himself a week before he died. I guess he somehow knew something was going to happen. There’s one here for your mom too. You might as well take it. I doubt she’ll ever step foot on the island again.”
Duna accepted the package from Jasper. It was larger than hers and heavy too, like a large encyclopedia. She tucked it under her armpit and clutched hers to her heart. She glanced into the trunk and saw that there were still a number of packages inside, no doubt for the other errant Heartrees. If so many of them hadn’t received their inheritances, did that mean that they weren’t here for the funeral? What could have been so bad to have fractured their family so badly?
Her phone buzzed urgently in her pocket and she had to set down the packages in order to retrieve it from her pocket. She unlocked it with a swipe and immediately felt the blood drain from her body as she read the words blaring on the screen.
Glaring back at her were the words, “Duna, call me IMMEDIATELY. — Mom.”
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2021.11.28 15:38 Fabio_Monthly Note to self: NEVER DO HAZ 3 ESCORT IN THE MAGMA CORE

So, I decided to do the weekly core assignment right? I like to think I'm decent enough at the game to do a haz 3 escort. After all, I've done them before. First attempt: I get out of the drop pod and some other dwarves come on in. Cordial rock and stones, a ready check before we start the drill and we're off. First thing that happens is we get a menace. No biggie but the driil's taking bad damage so I start repairing it. I then notice one of my half health teammates die. I go "Huh, what could of caused that?" I look behind me and there is a BULK DETONATER STARING AT ME DOWN THE TUNNEL. I panic pop shield cause I'm playing gunner and Doretta drills into the first cave before stopping right in front of a SPITBALL INFECTOR. I kill the bulk who then breaks the drill while another dwarf joins and some iron will attempts to fix the drill are made. Then another bulk det shows up. Suffice to say, we died. Second attempt, somehow worse. All the previous dwarves left and I'm on my own when I start the drill. Then, who's kind enough to show his face but a crassus. Some panic later and dwarves joining the crassus kills our engine with his last explosion and I decide to bump it down to haz 2.
TLDR: Bulks are mean on magma core drill haz 3.
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2021.11.28 15:38 Lord_Crumpets Proud of this clean and simple nadeshot!

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2021.11.28 15:38 LeKevbo DAE have a problem with not receiving an activation email or any help from forum administrators?

I very recently bought a Core 10 v3 and am trying to create a forum account to primarily fully use the Architect software. I try to register but never receive an activation email upon repeated attempts. (Nothing in my junk folder.)
To add insult to injury, as advised by the forum itself, my sending notes to the administrators yields no replies. I've tried three times over the last couple of weeks. (Still, nothing in my junk folder.)
Does anyone else have this experience?
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2021.11.28 15:38 FilmandVFXnoob Running a node behind a pihole?

Hey all,
would it be possible to run a node behind let's say a pihole? So you don't have to use the "whitelist" function, but still block some known malicious requests?
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2021.11.28 15:38 IronSkywalker I just put a flexible build plate cover on and now I can't home or zero the printer. Any advice on what to do?

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2021.11.28 15:38 anxietyalamode pride flag but nothing is straight but it’s the layers of the earth but now the labels aren’t straight either

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2021.11.28 15:38 dodobird- so about the campaign

do I get anything from the campaign from the second game and how do I unlock stuff
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2021.11.28 15:38 CardGamer024 Regirock and registeal on me now add me up

0304 7242 5248 10 inv per raid join up
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