2021.11.28 15:33 SteveixSC Dirty

so I took my family´s pc apart and it looked like this: https://scontent-hel3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/261074351_4543194782459891_6243873577795431918_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=ae9488&_nc_ohc=HC2qwrqt-4wAX971BXe&_nc_oc=AQlnXusnS51k3D4cMwyLGfzM8tk38oWJ5rGnVs-DXyaN_gQExnubo5my7w2rN-w1wpw&_nc_ht=scontent-hel3-1.xx&oh=74d1a0e13b3766eda0628bc76df495de&oe=61C90B5D
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2021.11.28 15:33 goddamn66 🍑

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2021.11.28 15:33 rs16 Mississippi woman forced to go to a halfway house because she can’t afford a $55 monthly parole fee

Mississippi woman forced to go to a halfway house because she can’t afford a $55 monthly parole fee submitted by rs16 to ABoringDystopia [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 15:33 wizirn W/L should i do this? I think sinister and camo are low rn but will go up soon

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2021.11.28 15:33 SofftPotato Bianca i bikini 4.

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2021.11.28 15:33 sugimot123 Where can i buy all the manga at?

Both paperback manga copys and online copys
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2021.11.28 15:33 Santorus Fixnas

When are we getting fixmas this year?
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2021.11.28 15:33 Wolf3D_2 Does someone know how to repair this error? It just crashes at startup. Terraria btw

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2021.11.28 15:33 LeldaZinkStreaming Waluigi plays tennis, to surprising result…

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2021.11.28 15:33 Jaburrito Raid in 2 mins add 1199 4861 8876 or 3687 96568951

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2021.11.28 15:33 Specialist_Pound_312 🚀PrinceShiba Next 100X BSC GEM 💎Launched on Pancakeswap | Low Market Cap | Stealth Launched | Join Now

🐶Did You missed Prince Floki? Don't Miss Here Is PrinceShiba
💎Stealth Launch
💥Low MarketCap
🔒Lp locked
📈Contract is Verified
🚀Easy 20-100X !!!!!!!
7% Redistribution in SHIB 💵
Auto-paid: You hold and receive SHIB 🙌
1% Liquidity pool 💦
1% to Marketing
1% to Charity wallet ❤️
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🔸LP lock. Trusted Developer. Huge marketing campaign - already had over 15+ huge influencers post about us. CG/CMC applied for. NFTs are being considered Game is in prelim development Website redesign Logo redesign
🔹Sponsored content - car livery, team sponsorship Partnerships - always attempting to work with other teams and projects that can help grow the brand. CEX listing - this will be a priority when we cross 1k holders, as a lot will want an easier way of purchasing $MARV. I will pick a CEX that aligns with our core methodology.
🔹I aim to be 100% transparent in everything I do, I want to make this a fun project that makes history!
🔹I’d love to grow it to a point where we can donate money to dog and other animal charities, that would be a dream.
🔸The community we are building is everything to me, and the success of a token is in the communities hands. I want educated and bright people who enjoy memes
Contract: 0x3295ebefba333156b7d828edc7670b1d94fab5c3
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3295ebefba333156b7d828edc7670b1d94fab5c3
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3295ebefba333156b7d828edc7670b1d94fab5c3#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x33AB4d021b3CFC105ABfef64573ea7c652B4E670
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2021.11.28 15:33 Shinsology [BDSP] LF: 6IV Foreign Ditto FT: Masterball, Lucky Egg, Heart Scales

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2021.11.28 15:33 Icy_Pumpkin1207 Registeel now add 175265881650 or 5835 2417 2439 please comment lvl and have to be online so I can find you

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2021.11.28 15:33 sulucandles2019 Dudes, I’ve been playing all year. Just picked up a wallet?

Never seen this item
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2021.11.28 15:33 PookLowEnd "Civil War" tabs, Guns 'n Roses

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2021.11.28 15:33 manueldepablos Update won’t download!!! (Network is fine, sync is working ok)

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2021.11.28 15:33 NoMetal983 Finally Found Kendla 🎃

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2021.11.28 15:33 Lucky_Philosophy1890 A$AP ROCKY 7 weeks old compared 3 months old! 😩😍🖤

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2021.11.28 15:33 BOREDGAMER_UK Star Citizen IAE 2951 - Day 10 Best In Show - Free Loot & All Ships Rent...

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2021.11.28 15:33 sgraber Small-Scale Winter Squash Farming

Hello! I've been growing winter squash on ~ 0.3-0.5 acres for the local food pantry in my area for the last couple years. Every year I battle weeds in my patch and I'm trying to find an easier way to deal with weed suppression / removal for 2022.
For some background: this past year I worked up the ground with my 3pt tiller on my tractor, let the ground sit for a couple weeks to allow the weeds to start germinating, then hit the entire plot with Roundup to kill them off prior to planting. I have an old 1-row Cole planter that I retrofitted to fit on my 3pt hitch and that worked really well for planting. The problem was that after about 2 months weeds began coming up (mostly ragweed and pigweed). I could only hoe the plot for so long before the weeds got out of control and took over, thereby suppressing my final yield. I ended up with ~ 950 lbs. going to the food pantry. I do think that I could probably double my yield IF I figure out a way to control the weeds.
This year I'm planning on experimenting with options for weed control. So far, I've planted the entire plot with winter rye and will terminate it mid-late April (rollecrimper and Roundup/2,4-D). I plan to then strip-till rows and try the following four options:

I chose winter rye / strip-tilling based on research from Purdue showing better yields in strip-till compared to no-till (delayed emergence) and conventional planting (significant weed pressure).
There will be more labor up front with the plastic and cardboard options as I'll have to lay it down, cover the edges, then manually plant starts. Weeds should not affect this method in any significant way so most of the labor will be up-front. I may have to hit the weeds in-between rows, but it'll be a lot easier.
There will be a lot less labor up front with the strip-tilling option as I can use my planter to plant the squash seeds. However at some point I'll have to start either weed whacking or spraying weeds to keep them under control.
Questions I have are:
My biggest problem is finding people planting and maintaining a plot this size. They're either doing a much smaller garden OR planting multiple acres OR they're doing this full-time as their source of income. I'm strictly hobby farming for the fun of it. Incidentally, the food pantry non-profit fully supplies me with seeds for the plot and the plastic. I pretty much supply the land and the labor. I'm not overly crazy about plastic; however, I know it'll take care of the weeds. The box testing is to attempt a more economical / more environmentally friendly option.
Any suggestions are most welcome!
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2021.11.28 15:33 GuineaPiggum Breeding GloFish with regular fish?

I know it’s technically illegal, but I’m so curious to know how the coloring on glofish works genetically. If I were to hypothetically breed my glofish betta with my regular betta, would the babies look more like a glofish or a regular betta?
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2021.11.28 15:33 selfulfillingprophet how long is too long?

My ex and I haven’t been together for almost 6 months, but I feel like I still think about him way too much. Is it too late to talk to him about it?
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2021.11.28 15:33 fatfiredup The Steel Cut "Golden Spurtle"

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2021.11.28 15:33 Faranta How does course downloading work?

I'm confused - as a free user I can download courses on my phone with no problem. But on my tablet I can't download them - the app just shows me a subscribe screen. Why is this please? How do I download on tablet?
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2021.11.28 15:33 sevenhundredseven power mod moment

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