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Precious meme templates is the fuel that makes this sub go

2021.11.28 14:16 SirPuzzIes Precious meme templates is the fuel that makes this sub go

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2021.11.28 14:16 calabrmj2020 Brans new ICO


On behalf of The Blazar token I would like to announce to the world that our very own BLAZAR TOKEN has OFFICIALLY become the VERY FIRST Crypto Token in the WORLD 🌍 to be designated as a Security by the United States SEC !!!!! The United States Security Commission has Never recognized crypto as a Security UNTIL TODAY and we are the FIRST To EVER be designated as one. Groundbreaking News on so many Levels. With that being said we have also Finished Our Whitepaper , and both websites. 
Our Token is LIVE on Phase 1 of The Token Sale. The price rises each day, so if you are ready to invest you must contact me ASAP AS IN NOW !!
https://Blazartokenproject.com https://BlazartokenICO.com Whitepaper to Follow
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2021.11.28 14:16 Additional_Paint_815 noob noob noob noob noob noob

noob noob noob noob noob noob noob. NOOB NOOB! noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob. NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB! noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob. noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob. noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob moob noobs noob tnoob noon noob noot *LAUGHS UNCONTROLLABLY*.
noob. NOOB NOOB! noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob. NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB! noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob. noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob. noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob noob moob noobs noob tnoob noon noob noot.
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2021.11.28 14:16 ObscureDeath94 Is Venus worth building for dmg, or should I go full support?

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2021.11.28 14:16 EDMLiveset Rinse FM Podcast 2021-11-23: Jordss_

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2021.11.28 14:16 allyoursmurf How do I get Autofill to offer my new email instead of my old email (that’s not even in my contact card)?

I have an old email address that gets offered by autofill instead of my current address. How do I stop this?
The old address isn't part of my contact card, and I've confirmed that my card is associated with my iCloud account and my autofill settings. If I try to compose a new email to myself, the address isn't offered by mail (it correctly uses my contact card).
The only place I can really find it is as a signed in account in my gmail app. (The address is still live, but I don't use it for new things.)
I'm sure it's gotten stuck somewhere, but I can't find where to look for something else to clear out.
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2021.11.28 14:16 crackclimb Hi friends, does anyone have sheet music for Ya Ya Dingdong from Eurovision?

Elf bless you.
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2021.11.28 14:16 Albert_S What happens when they run out of Greek letters for Covid variants?

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2021.11.28 14:16 booyakasha_wagwaan advice wanted for drag knife

Looking to get a drag knife to cut fabric, leather, vinyl etc up to 1/8" thick. Using an Avid Pro 60120. Can anyone offer some practical advice on what to get and how to use? Dog River looks versatile for the price but has mixed reviews. Is Donek better?
Also, when does a tangential oscillating cutter become the better choice?
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2021.11.28 14:16 EasternInspector7456 🔰Chainlink Gold 🌟 Liq locked 🚀 Just stealth launched |100% safu | Low MC 🔮 Huge potential 💖Amazing New 💰Active devs | Active Developers with great community

🌟 Chainlink Gold is currently under the radar but has immense potential due to its strong fundamentals and is worth getting in early before the next major milestones.

🌟 Chainlink Gold was born with an well supported and established community. The pack of Chainlink Gold is committed to community success. Family first. From there, an aggressive marketing campaign will transpire. Advertising choices will target the amount of buyers needed to grow our community. The bigger Chainlink Gold gets, the more power it will get. Click below for more information or scroll down to the Chainlink Gold

In real life, the Chainlink Gold is a man’s greatest fear. In Crypto, Chainlink Gold is a man’s BEST FRIEND! Finding a good and trustworthy token can be difficult, but congratulations, you found one! Chainlink Gold is a loyal companion that always gives back, and buys back.

🌎 Telegram: https://t.me/ChainlinkGold

✅ Contract is Renounced

🚀 Total supply:

🔥 Burned : 30%

🔒Liquidity Locked 360 days


🐳 Anti-Whale Mechanisms

🔰 Pancake Swap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x549a3aeca66b7f0fc7e13e571c74849738b0c873

🔰 https://www.honeypot.is/?address=0x549a3aeca66b7f0fc7e13e571c74849738b0c8734
🔰 Deeplock: Lock LP 360 days

💚 A frequently burning total supply of 1 quintillion tokens boasts a locked liquidity pool for one year. Chainlink Gold further expands their legitimacy by renouncing the contract address, keeping their tokenomics unchanged in perpetuity. The world renowned CertiK Blockchain Security Team is also underway conducting a comprehensive audit of the token, which will be available to the public upon completion.
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2021.11.28 14:16 foekus323 Finally got my hands on one... so good

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2021.11.28 14:16 KermitTheFrost Dream's Army - The end of Quackity.

I think everything's being set up for dream to kill off quackity. More specifically, dream's army. What do I mean? Wilbur, techno and Phil are self explanatory. However, I think what happened with Karl is history repeating. And by history, I mean Ranboo's. Why would Karl lash out at quackity for something he agreed on? Why are his eyes different? Sooner or later, I think the ender walking will be revealed to have capabilities of spreading, hence why Karl has gone weird. I also think Sam might turn. Dream should have died to quackity in the prison, so why didn't Sam finish the job?
I think when dream gets out (presumably today) he's going after quackity. With what I predict, he already has Techno, Phil, Wilbur, Ranboo, Sam and Karl by his side. I also think Schlatt might have a possibility of coming back, but we'll see.
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2021.11.28 14:16 dRevan15 Well are you?

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2021.11.28 14:16 Helloo_Ppl what in the two fucks

what in the two fucks submitted by Helloo_Ppl to RoyaleHighCringe [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 14:16 AdamSpence123 Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth

I am currently reading the Rebirth run (no spoilers please) and I currently have vol 1 to 4. Earlier today I found out there are more volumes after that which I was previously unaware of, but I can't find them on Amazon or my local comic store. Does anyone know how many more there are? I would also appreciate it if you left a link to a website where I can buy them on. Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.28 14:16 mdoucette77 Listening to older episodes

So I'm about a year into my fandom of AFE, and this week I decided to go back a listen to a bunch of early episodes: the first "released" episode, Sean's first episode, David's first episode (also the first episode of the holy triumvirate), and part way through the first "recorded" episode. Some take aways:
the first episode of all 3 had the birth of so many Sean moments: "I was beat up to get into a gang" "I was destroying at Street Fighter 2 and I used taekwondo to beat up a bully until a grandma broke us up" "should we make the 5th pick a lightning round?" "My girlfriend...well, I'm probably going to marry her"
the first "released" episode was a bit cringy knowing what Brendan Fraser has gone through and why he was blackballed by Hollywood (at the time of the recording it wasn't known what Fraser experienced)
the first of all 3 immediately had an awesome flow, and you can really feel that they clicked right from the start. It is kind of funny though to hear David be positive and complimentary to Sean where now they just riff on each other
The first "recorded" episode should be re-drafted with Sean and David (90s hip hop albums). I'd like to hear their thoughts
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2021.11.28 14:16 yorkshiregritvs Recommended guides for building an office shed from scratch?

Are there any guides you can recommend for building an office shed from scratch.
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2021.11.28 14:16 Toorelad 2 Years Later, Still Accurate

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2021.11.28 14:16 Poom22 Freeholder who doesn't live on property forcing a management company we don't want

Hi all, I live in a block of 3 flats, the free holder doesn't live here, but he's forcing us to go with a management company we don't want as they've been shit before and very expensive and don't even do anything . We'd rather manage our selves Do we have any rights here to object? He says we don't
I am a 999 year lease holder on 2 flat in the property
The management company seems like a complete scam and don't even answer emails
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2021.11.28 14:16 hiwhatzup Will we ever receive demon souls remake?

I’ve waited a year to play this gorgeous remake and ps5’s are still hard to get as ever. They can’t be selling that many copies on this system no one can get… Will we get it on pc anytime soon?
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2021.11.28 14:16 smirks1008 26 N/A EST infinite teammates

Hey looking to form a competitive team for infinite been playing multiplayer halo since it came out , looking to improve skill as a team and join some competitions.
Hit me up if you like smoking weed and playing competitive.

also I play ark pve off , if thats up anyone alley I can give ya some free dinos :) dm me
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2021.11.28 14:16 jiyannareeka 191121 Seola 'As You Wish' Fancam @ 1theK Special Clip

191121 Seola 'As You Wish' Fancam @ 1theK Special Clip submitted by jiyannareeka to seola [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 14:16 Streetvan1997 Save spins or use em up?

So I have every car availability and have about 95 Mill. Should I save my spins or use em up? This is the first Forza horizon I’ve really gotten deeply into. Will different cars be released snd available in the wheels or is the list of 536 cars how many there will ever be?
I have 514 of them now. Others have to be bought or I guess are for future seasons.
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2021.11.28 14:16 thevanshingdragon Masu just destroyed bezos just like he did with our economy

Masu just destroyed bezos just like he did with our economy submitted by thevanshingdragon to Egypt [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 14:16 gladiator_jesus [PC][Xbox][Switch] [H] 1300c/1800c + FF [W] Triumph Striker Grey Samurai BP

Been after the elusive Triumph Striker Grey Samurai for several months.
Blueprint offer: 1300cr [PC/Nin] / 1800cr [XB] Offer of 2000cr for the built item on [PC].
[H] 1000c per [W] Striker Cobalt/FG Animus GP BP
[H] 700c per [W] Striker BS/Lime Mantis BP
Finder's fee of: ⭐ 300c [PC/Nin] / 420c [XB] (or) ⭐ Pick one:

⭐ (or) Pick two: If you are interested, here are some of the cert/paint body blueprints I have available towards a swap.
[H] Blueprints:
  • Triumph Samurai: Striker Orange #A , Juggler Crimson, Tactician Saffron
  • Accelerator Jager 619: Show-Off Grey
  • Elevation Nimbus: Striker FG
  • Ferocity Diestro: Striker Purple, Paragon TW/Saffron
  • Impact Twinzer: Show-Off Orange
  • Nitro Mantis: Striker Saffron *C
  • Overdrive Animus GP: Playmaker Purple #B
  • Overdrive Centio: Guardian Purple
  • Totally Awesome Fennec: Goalkeeper Grey, Guardian Orange, Striker FG, Victor FG
  • Zephyr Cyclone: Guardian Orange, Scorer SB
  • 5+ Vindicator Cert/Paint Sentinel
  • 5+ Momentum Cert/Paint Peregrine TT
  • 5+ S1 Cert/Paint Insidio
  • 5+ S2 Cert/Paint Tygris
All items in the FF section are also available for sale for credits or swaps towards the countless RP items I am looking for. Also happy to discuss offers on the listed paint/cert body blueprints.
Thank you for taking a look!
submitted by gladiator_jesus to RocketLeagueExchange [link] [comments]