S marks out Universes.

Please try again later. Refresh the page. Fewer Details Expand your Outlook. We've developed a suite of premium Outlook features for people with advanced email and calendar needs. A Microsoft 365 subscription offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, the full desktop version of Office, and 1 TB of cloud storage. Out chats with Andrew Garfield, Robin de Jesús, and Lin-Manuela Miranda about working on Jonathan Larson's biographical musical drama. November 24 2021 12:43 PM Editor's Picks out: [adverb] in a direction away from the inside or center. outside. from among others. away from the shore. away from home or work. away from a particular place. out definition: 1. used to show movement away from the inside of a place or container: 2. outside a building or…. Learn more.

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2021.12.01 23:59 brapadoc [US,NJ] (H) Lifelong Unlimited Vintage and 1st ed collections LOB-IOC and some modern (W) Paypal/Shadowless Charizard,Stoise, Venu NM

Hi everyone back again looking to send my lifelong collection to a new home to be further appreciated! I'd really only like to sell these collections as lots, 1st edition lots and the unlimited lots of sales of $50 or more per lot. I have a whole binder of unlimted stuff from LOB-IOC era with some modern mixed in. I also have some 1st ed holos left, and in addition I have near complete sets of old vintage non holo commons and rares from sets like MRD-IOC available for sale as well. Conditions are mostly NM but if there is a serious buyer with interest I'd be happy to generate spreadsheets, prices, detailed closeups, and negotiate something reasonable for us both.
I can provide images of the 1st ed non holo sets from MRD-IOC please just let me know which you might be interested in.
Vintage Unlimited Collection
Vintage 1st ed collection
Thanks everyone please don't hesitate to ask questions. Figured I'd see if anyone out there is interested before exploring ebay.
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No calculators
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2021.12.01 23:59 dunkin1980 Facebook, now Meta, says users in China created a fake Swiss scientist to spread conspiracies that the US was falsely blaming it for COVID-19

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Uhhh... do you guys have any explanation with this? I was just playing in my survival world in this new 1.18 update then I found this village and yeah this what i saw.... DISCLAIMER: Im not using any mods or anything during this. submitted by TheRiderHaru to Minecraft [link] [comments]

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2021.12.01 23:59 anonymousprime I need help understanding Powershell Workflow

I've been using Powershell for a few years now and happily occupy the SME spot in my org for it.
I recently wanted to leverage parallelism in Powershell but couldn't pull it off.
I thought it might be like Gnu-Parallel in Bash, but it isn't. Or at least, I couldn't grasp how to properly use it.
I read through documentation and discovered it's only available inside of Workflows. I had never heard of Powershell Workflows until yesterday. I took a stab at it. Failed. Moved on and accomplished the task at hand another way.
But this is bothering me. I know I'll encounter scenarios where parallelism will be an advantage and I want to be able to use it.
The examples I found mostly used it for Powershell remoting. This would be easy to follow along if I had such a task at hand. But I don't.
I was thinking more along the lines of performing a ForEach of some kind and completing much faster. The same way .map() works in JavaScript when handling an array.
Am I understanding this all wrong?
Anyone around here leverage Workflows and Parallelism in Powershell enough to help me understand?
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None of then of course are better lay, treat employees better, or better scheduling.
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I'll send back immediately I have 2 left
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2021.12.01 23:59 shypurpleboi I can't do this anymore

I've reached a dead end in my life. I've gotten myself into a hole that I can't climb out of and it's pointless for me to go on. I can never do anything right, and this time I've ruined my chances of going absolutely anywhere in this miserable life of mine. I've let everyone down, and after tomorrow my life will become completely meaningless. What good reason do I have to exist anyway? Who am I doing a favor for by staying alive? I didn't ask to be born, and I didn't ask anyone to expect anything of me. Why should I spend the rest of my life only trying to make other people happy when I can't even do that in the first place? I'm never enough and I never will be. I have no purpose. All I want to do for the rest of my life is to curl up in a ball and cry until I die. Sometimes I also think it would just be best if I end it all right here and now and blow my head off. It would be the only worthwhile thing I'd ever do
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2021.12.01 23:59 Zerodaylight-1 [The Dragon Thief] Chapter 31

Rain struck against Thyme's cheek, stirring the boy into the waking world. His body was sprawled out; why was he laying down? His eyes cracked open to the strangest sight. The night should have been a dark blanket, laying itself out on the land, obscuring vision with its darkened threads, but Thyme could still see. The world was in grayscale, the clouds above were churning bulkheads of fury, but there were breaks, showing the pinpricks of the vast starry twilight. What should have been the black of night was color subdued. He could see the grays and the whites, the detail only day could reveal.
Thyme moved, trying to pick himself up, discovering he was against... sand? Cold, wet sand, gunking itself into his clothing, finding the crevices where his pants creased, worming its way into his shoes too. Thyme grimaced; pain shot through his head. He clutched his head with his right hand. Did trying to get up cause that pain? His left hand pushed against the ground, bringing him to a sitting position, his legs bending, his feet supporting him. Thyme looked around while the groggy feeling bludgeoned him. What happened?
The last thing Thyme remembered was Sage creating a wall of water, protecting them from Feros's flames. Then Sage buckled, straining under the stress of holding back the fire. Thyme inhaled. He had been so scared. But then... something burned inside him. A sense of strength had thrashed through him, lighting courage within him, a refusal to be burned out by those flames... And that was it; that was all he could remember; the darkness had taken him after that. Now, he was sitting on the sand... How?
Wasn't he supposed to be in Brewrock? Running away from the Lord Tyrant and his lackeys? Weren't the skies supposed to be filled with fire and ash? Where were all the running citizens? Fear gripping like it had Thyme. And where were his uncle and friends? Where was Nightslick?
Thyme groaned and worked his aching muscles. He tried to push himself up, managing to get his feet underneath him. But his balance still hadn't recovered, and as Thyme pushed his hands down, sending himself up, he stumbled, tumbling back onto the sand. An annoyed grunt escaped from Thyme. Why wasn't his body working the way he wanted it to?
His body didn't feel terrible, per se... It just felt different. Like it wasn't his own, somehow. As if something was lurking within him, strengthening him, or changing him, at least. Thyme knew the small fall should have hurt just a little, but it didn't. Instead, it felt like an inconvenience. Even his headache was receding. Yet, of all the strange feelings, the most unusual was that orb of power near his stomach.
Thyme's face quirked up, realizing if he focused on the core, he could almost see it taking shape in his mind's eye. It looked like a blackened sun, a corona flaring out from its sides. It was hard to explain, but the best Thyme could think of it was like a white backdrop with a black sphere in the center, with shadows lashing out of it. What is that?
The orb should have terrified Thyme. After all, it was beating inside of him with a faint pulse, thumping within Thyme to its own cadence. But it wasn't terrifying. In fact, for such an ominous image, the orb felt... warm? It filled Thyme like the warmth of a good meal made by a loved one, reaching out, enveloping him, bringing an energy to his worn-out body. Was this why his limbs felt so strange? Was this why he was feeling so strange?
As he focused on the core—letting his thoughts run wild—another voice, high in register, bloomed in his mind. Thyme awake?!
Thyme's eyes widened, trying to keep himself together as the raw emotions flared within him.
Nightslick's thought carried such a strong emotion, crashing against the young Ingerson. A sense of worry mixed with a sense of excitement.
The feeling was so overwhelming. It was like a massive shadow that swallowed up Thyme, clinging to him, refusing to let go. It demanded that Thyme feel the same worry and excitement. But the younger Ingerson fought against it, keeping himself calm through his breathing. Breathe in; breathe out, Thyme.
It all happened within a moment, Thyme realized, but what a feeling! It could have taken him over if he let it. Thyme shuddered. Could Nightslick's emotions take over his? Could the dragonling influence the young thief? Don't think about it, Thyme. Ask Sage when you ca... Thyme frowned. Where was Sage?
But Thyme's frown fell away as Nightslick's voice called out again. This time, the young Ingerson smiled, turning towards Nightslick. Figuring out all this would be done later. Right now, he had a dragonling to soothe.
If the young Ingerson had been more aware of himself, he would have realized that he didn't know where Nightslick was. Yet, somehow, he just knew. As if the core was always pointing towards the dragonling.
Instead, Thyme chuckled. I'm awake, buddy. Just trying to figure what's... The sight of the ocean stole away Thyme's focus. He was still waking up from that awful groggy state some could find themselves in, a fugue surrounding his mind. But the vast ocean, looking like dark infinity, penetrated that mind fog. Of course. If he was by sand, then he'd be near the sea, but how did he get here? What was going on? If his memory recalled correctly, then... then the boat they rode in should be nearby.
Pulling his gaze from the ocean, Thyme's eyes found the ship, and the young Ingerson's worry dwindled away. Hunched over the boat was an old thief who was pulling off canvas cloth and grumbling to himself. His uncle uttered something along the lines of: "Not trusting that girl ever again." Uncle Ly harrumphed. "Dragon riders! Say they'll help you, only to go run off somewhere! Worse than Nightingale, I swear."
Thyme grinned as he moved towards the boat, calling out to his uncle. "Uncle Ly! Uncle Ly!" Thyme called out, waving his hand, trying to catch his uncle's eye. Or at least he tried to call out. His voice was hoarse as if he had yelled earlier. His voice was lost against the wind and the sounds of the storm.
A dark splotch of scales crossed from Uncle Ly's shoulder to his back. The blotch rushed down Uncle Ly's back, and Nightslick's movements startled the older Ingerson more than Thyme's calling. The man whipped around, shouting in surprise. "Whoa! Nightslick! Watch ou..." Uncle Ly's gaze rose, and he saw Thyme, standing there, the darkened skies and a hazy orange from a burning Brewrock framing the younger Ingerson. "Thyme?" Lynel's voice was hesitant as if he couldn't believe it. Then the older Ingerson burst out into a sprint. "Thyme!"
The older Ingerson covered the distance within moments. Reaching Thyme, Uncle Ly threw out his arms, pulling the younger Ingerson into a hug. Thyme couldn't help but smile. After all, Uncle Ly's face was all smiles, too. But Thyme winced. He wished he had his uncle's strength. Then maybe the older Ingerson could learn how much a bear hug could wind you.
But Thyme's wincing turned into snorts of amusement. Nightslick finally reached them and crawled up Uncle Ly, causing the older Ingerson to grumble some more. But Nightslick didn't care as he clambered over the older Ingerson's shoulder, pushing himself against Thyme's face like a cat. And Nightslick purred like one as well. Missed Thyme!
And the Ingersons didn't care about the rain, or the winds, or the storm. For at that moment, the bonds of family were far stronger than nature's fury. And happiness could warm someone just like a flame. Thyme Ingerson found caring love's warmth and basked in it, and it was all thanks to a thief with a heart of gold and a far too small dragonling with far too much enthusiasm.
Thyme chuckled. "I missed you too, buddy." He tried to pull an arm out from Uncle Ly's embrace to pet the dragonling, but Thyme failed. The man could really give a bear hug. "Uh, Uncle Ly..."
"Yes, Thyme?" Lynel still clung on.
"Could you, uh, let me go? It's getting hard to breathe."
Uncle Ly's eyes went wide, and his grip was gone, releasing the younger Ingerson. Thyme almost tumbled down to the ground again, but his body was under his control now. Thyme breathed in. "Thanks, Uncle Ly."
His uncle gave an embarrassed nod. Thyme bit back a smirk. Usually, the younger Ingerson wouldn't find his uncle's dismay to be so funny. Far too many bear hugs had taught Thyme that Uncle Ly just cared a lot. And of the years, Thyme grew to love them. They were reminders that he wasn't alone, and he had someone there for him.
But this time, when Uncle Ly let go, Nightslick didn't have his front paws grasping onto the older Ingerson. So, now, the young dragonling was dangling off the older thief's shoulder, draping himself over Uncle Ly's torso. His front paws swayed. Nightslick arched his head up, and a wide grin greeted Thyme as if nothing was wrong.
"Oh, Nightslick!" Uncle Ly said, scooping up the dragonling. "Can't have you falling and hitting your head like Thyme, now can we?"
Thyme tilted his head. "I hit my head?"
Uncle Ly cradled the young dragonling and brought his gaze up. There was concern in the older Ingerson's eyes. "That's right; don't remember the bad spill you took, eh?"
Thyme shook his head.
Uncle Ly nodded as if he expected the answer as he rocked Nightslick back and forth; the dragonling purred. "What's the last thing you remember?"
Thyme racked his mind, going through the thoughts. "The fires... I think Feros attacked us... and Sage... she did something with water? Made a wall, right?" Thyme drew out the last word as if he wasn't sure what he saw. Was that the magic dragon riders could do? He knew riders could do insane feats like that, bringing together the elements, morphing them into what they needed. Or at least, that's how the stories told it... But that had been the stories... To see it in the flesh was something else.
Uncle Ly nodded. "That's about right. You remember that other wall then? The one made of..." The older Ingerson's eyebrows furrowed, his face pinching up. "... of..." Uncle Ly sighed. "... That other wall that looked like a big shadow?"
Thyme tilted his head again, confused. "Uh... No... not really."
The older Ingerson nodded. "Sounds about right. That's when you hit the floor, and we had to carry you out." Uncle Ly whistled. "Should have seen it, Thyme. It was crazy. One second we're all standing there, seeing that fire just eat away at whatever magic Sage conjured up. Them flames lit up the alley like the sun, let me tell you; then, the world became midnight, Thyme. Just straight darkness. I thought I died; I really did. But turns out just more magic. Or at least, I think." Lynel scratched his chin.
"Never seen anything like that, but I'm pretty sure Sage or Rosemary did something." Uncle Ly breathed out. And he smiled, speaking as he moved towards the boat. "Magic! Now that's going to make for one great story, Thyme." He waved his arms around, making grand gestures. "Imagine it, Thyme! Limelight and co escaping from the vicious grips of Feros, the man-eater! Now that's a story!"
Thyme snorted, shaking his head. Of course, his uncle would only be thinking about the story of it all. "I bet the kids will love that," Thyme said.
The older Ingerson beamed. "I think so, too. I bet Relph will jump up and down when I get to the part about how we did our daring escape by sliding shields down dubious carpentry!"
Thyme snorted again. Say what you will about Lynel Ingerson, but make sure to mention he really did light up the world. Maybe one day I'll be like him?
As they moved towards the boat, Thyme frowned, taking in the sight of a half-removed canvas. "We leaving?"
Uncle Ly shrugged as he moved himself up to the boat, trying to untether the tarps. "Don't know, but figured we might as well get ready. Sage rushed off to who knows where when we were running away. Asked me the strangest thing, you know," Uncle Ly said, turning to Thyme. "She asked me about making this whole gamble or bet," Lynel waved his hands around, "like she was about to make some big ole play. Figured it was just dragon riders, being dragon riders..."
Lynel exhaled and turned back to his work, grunting as he yanked out a knot from the tied-down tarp. "... but wasn't the case." Uncle Ly grunted again. "Even Rosemary didn't know what was happening." Uncle Ly's breaths were coming out ragged. "Tied this good..." He said to himself, only to continue speaking to Thyme. "Then Rosemary up and left too! Leaving me all alone with you and Nightslick. So, I asked myself: 'What would Limelight do?' And you know what he would do?" Lynel looked back at Thyme. "Limelight would get as far as he could from those dragons! Skylords above, I knew Feros was terrifying, but that was something else. Thought for sure we were going to get cooked back there!"
Uncle Ly stood up, breathed in, looking exhausted, and wiped his forehead with his sleeve. But the older Ingerson scowled, undoubtedly realizing his sleeve was drenched. He grumbled and shook his head. "Hey Thyme, come help your uncle with this; Sage tied this down real well."
Thyme nodded, moving towards the boat. As Thyme looked over the knots, he realized he was far out of his depth. Who knew knots could become so complex! When Sage said she lived out in the Ghlin, Thyme had doubted it. But now, he absolutely believed it. But what do you know, huh, Thyme? It was true that a boy from Ashfall would know nearly nothing about the Ghlin; there weren't many books about the southern archipelago region.
In fact, Thyme had been lucky to find anything. It was thanks to Lysa's small smuggling operation that Thyme found a book on the place. Apparently, the Ghlinfarers were reserved warrior people, fighting sea monsters on serpents. The author made some fascinating conjectures, like saying the Ghlinfarers protected the lands from sea creatures. But any traveling merchant would tell Thyme otherwise. "Those sea rats are squirreling away all their wealth! Heard they make weapons out of pure gold! Can you imagine that!"
And Thyme couldn't imagine it. Why would anyone waste gold like that? The metal was too malleable, as Hilda would tell Thyme. "No good reason to do it," she had said, shaking her head.
But Sage had lived with them, or at least been out there. I wonder what she knows, he thought while they worked out one of the knots, releasing another part of the tarp. "Good job, Thyme!" Uncle Ly said, clapping Thyme on the back.
And Nightslick's voice called out. Thyme job good! Thyme job good!
Thyme smiled. Thanks, Nightslick. The dragonling purred, that goofy grin on his face.
As they finished their work, the two Ingersons turned towards Brewrock, and Uncle Ly told Thyme what had happened while he was unconscious. "Actually convinced someone you had Wileroots! Can you believe that! Never thought that would work. Wait till I tell old Fishwire about that! Bet that old thief will just hum and drum and say something like, 'oooh, Limelight. That's impossible," the older Ingerson said, his mimicking words coming out slow, each word sounding more like a yawn than anything else. Even Lynel's face drooped, imitating the oldest thief in Ashfall. But his face snapped back, and a grin glowed there. "What do you think, Thyme? Pretty good impression, yeah?"
Thyme rolled his eyes while a smile clung to his lips. "Yeah, Uncle Ly. It's a good impres..."
Thyme word's trailed off as his eyes picked up movement in the distance. Uncle Ly said something to him, but Thyme tuned him out as the younger Ingerson focused down his sight, trying to make out what was coming their way.
There on the skyline, where the orange hue of Brewrock was cooling, a dragon flapped its wings, heading straight towards them. And Thyme's eyes widened.
He saw a dragon coming straight towards them. His excitement rose. Usually, he wouldn't be able to see that far. But now, in the world where darkness didn't hide its secrets from the younger thief, Thyme Ingerson could see the smears of what would be forest green scales and the streak of red that had to be Rosemary. And behind the red was a hint of yellow and a touch of black. Thyme grinned. Rosemary, Boulder, and Sage were headed right towards them. He looked towards his uncle, pointing towards the green blotch. The older thief whooped.
It looked as if fortune was finally favoring the younger thief. And things were going to turn out okay now... Right?
Looks at calendar and sees it's Wednesday. Huh, that's a weird way to spell Tuesday... But as for the tardiness for this chapter... Well, a friend gave me a copy of Death's Gambit: Afterlife and... uh, it's a good game. And it miiight have consumed my Sunday. Sorry about! But look, Death's Gambit is really solid and worth the play if you have it.
Otherwise, it's time for a Thyme chapter! Been while since we have seen our young MC! And I'll be honest, this wasn't the chapter I wanted to release this week. I have another draft for a Waylin chapter (that's coming soon). But there's something that happens in that one that needs to be explained, or at least implied. So, here we are! Anyways, enjoy and get ready! For the end of the Brewrock arc approaches!
And, as always, thank you for reading!
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Hello! I’m just wondering if they’re are any jobs at NASA that deal with art and/or map making. If so, where can I get a job in these fields? Anyways, that’s all and clear skies!
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2021.12.01 23:59 Inazu_ survival mode

(pov the 18329373 rant u've seen today)
big question why do meta slaves team in survival and do they think they are good? serious question
why would you be jumping someone in 5th place? like what the hell does that do? you team the guy in 5th place but not the first place one bleeding out? your a worthless piss stained filthy scumbag full of horse waste if you think teaming in survival makes you skilled. and these meta slaves think they have minds of their own when they are as brainwashed as simps donating millions to their female streamers. These crack snorting morons spread like the plague too.
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