nddtb stry5 ztfzn 9arrz 6biyy nk9k6 r39th aa4sy ybb53 r437e k4hzi 5az5k sfbr4 ir4b8 k29nr 26en4 k3syk 5nkne 36n4h db37d zh4z2 Top 2–3 indicas in the market now? (flower) |

Top 2–3 indicas in the market now? (flower)

2021.10.27 19:24 --ikindahatereddit-- Top 2–3 indicas in the market now? (flower)

It’s gonna be a rainy weekend, LOL.
What’s good? I’ve really enjoyed the hell out of some Florida Orange and King Crasher recently. So looking for recs on indica or indica-leading hybrids like that. Thx.
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2021.10.27 19:24 uppermoons What time does he start playing generally?

I’m going to the Chicago show tomorrow at 6! I’m a college student that ends class at 4:45 in Indiana LOL so I was wondering if he played later or how long the opener took just to get there in time
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2021.10.27 19:24 PopeyeTheGambler A must read if your confused ;-)

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2021.10.27 19:24 Constant-Internet490 🐶Shiba Dash just launched!, 💸 6% Shiba Rewards 🔥 (Fair Launch, LP Locked for 1 Year), Missed Doge Dash? Don’t miss this one! 🟡

About us?
We are the best thing to happen to rewards tokens to date. We see ourselves as a long-term project and plan to work extraordinarily hard to deliver for our holders. Based on our project $ShibaDash rewards will be awarded in $SHIB. Therefore if you simply hold tokens 6% of rewards will be allotted in $SHIB
Here at $ShibaDash, our goal is simple. We want to truly reward our holders. Most other reward tokens give out small rewards and they don’t really make it worthwhile to hold their token. We want to change all that. We’ve been working incredibly hard to find creative ways to make the best rewards token we possibly can. So here’s what we’re doing to change the game.
Now on top of all this we also have a really neat buy-back staking feature we’re going to be implementing at launch. After every buy and sell, 1% of the transaction is sent to a wallet. This wallet keeps building, then at a desired amount, we stake the holdings of the wallet. After staking is finished we use these funds to purchase $ShibaDash in times of low volume or during dips. Then these tokens are reflected back to our holders. That is three separate ways we reward you for buying and being a loyal holder.
Coming in the following months after launch, we plan to release our own re-loadable crypto credit card! From our Rewards Hub, you will be able to choose the card as an option and the instantly have your rewards sent to the card in a usable currency. You will be able to make purchases anywhere that a regular credit card would be accepted.
So surely you don’t want to miss out on our up coming presale, this is one true gem of a project. Be sure to join our telegram group and follow us on twitter for all the latest information!
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6% Base RewardsThis amount gets gets sent right back to our holders in the form of user-chosen rewards.
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x85c8D5A8b9db26EB489297BbC48b72e2e8760512
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2021.10.27 19:24 theRagnok If shib continues its current growth over the next month. Well, I won't have to work for the man and can start my own projects and investment before Thanksgiving. Woohoo!

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2021.10.27 19:24 Papat_fr ATER : ortex update. SI is up. The shares that were brought to the market those last days look to be used on loan by their new owners. So we are back in the game :HFs short, retail buys and the grave goes deeper. 😂

ATER : ortex update. SI is up. The shares that were brought to the market those last days look to be used on loan by their new owners. So we are back in the game :HFs short, retail buys and the grave goes deeper. 😂 submitted by Papat_fr to ATERstock [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:24 Responsible_Bat38 How do I appear offline?

I am playing on PS4 and sometimes I just want to play without any interruptions. I don’t want to awkwardly to the other person I’m not interested nor do I want to leave them hanging after they’ve invited me 5 times. It gets distracting.
So I used to used to be able to turn on/off the offline settings through Activision’s website. But now I can’t. When I go to turn my visible setting to none, it won’t save that option and reverts back to friends and partners. Anyone else having this issue?
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2021.10.27 19:24 5igorsk Вспомнилось по случаю плясок вокруг газа: «…Но за исключением канализации, медицины, образования, виноделия, общественного порядка, водопровода, дорог, системы подачи питьевой воды и системы здравоохранения, что еще римляне сделали для нас?! — Принесли мир? — Да заткнись ты!» (с) Monty Python's Lif

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2021.10.27 19:24 M1Epic What's something your opinion has changed on in recent years?

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2021.10.27 19:24 YextFE hmmm

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2021.10.27 19:24 OctavianRim Sooo I smashed the summit mask...

Apparently I destroyed it while brute force opening the chest. What do I do now? Any ideas on how to further the quest?
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2021.10.27 19:24 r2d2intheflesh My girlfriend (f28) told me (m23) she had a MFM threesome in the past. I can’t get the thought of it out my head.

Like the title states, I’m struggling with the fact that my girlfriend had a MFM threesome. We’ve been dating for 14 months and everything has been going smoothly up to this point. She told me this because she wanted to be open and honest with me but at this point, I’m wishing that she kept it to herself. I’ve tried to put it into perspective. I’ve realized that everybody has a past and she’s also five years older than me but I’m still struggling with it. I honestly don’t know what to do. She’s the first sexual partner I’ve had and also first girlfriend. I really thought that I loved her but maybe it was just the thought that I had of her that I loved.
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2021.10.27 19:24 ThickFog_ 😎

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2021.10.27 19:24 brideoffrankenstein3 Help with transfer transcript

I applied to a University, but I have 3 transcripts I need to transfer altogether. One location i am requesting a transfer from is central texas university, it is only one class I took through them. This was years ago, I returned to community college to finish my associates and plan for transfer in the spring to the university I am currently waiting on to receive that transcript. I have no idea why it’s taking so long, I have reached out to both colleges, I even paid an extra $5 to order a transcript again. Will this ruin my chances at being accepted? Central texas is saying if it’s not showing received on their end, that the university will need to reach out themselves to help locate. Does that sound right?
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2021.10.27 19:24 Mars_Alter Favorite Cyberware

I'm making a system for Shadowrun (as is the fashion), and I've realized that there just isn't as much cyberware in the book as I seem to remember. Most of what's there is just variations on stronger, faster, tougher.
What sort of cyberware do you all appreciate most in your near-future settings? What do you hope to see on a gear list?
I'm especially looking for things that fit into the torso, or could go into a single leg without affecting the other one.
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2021.10.27 19:24 zero_theorem1 State trooper charged with murder for incident that killed 11-year-old

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2021.10.27 19:24 Alphaology Pragmat Shell logo?

Does anyone recognize the red and white emblem on the pragmat shell? I remember seeing it a couple of times before, and possibly in D1, but I never really found out the origin of the logo or what it represents?
Image: https://www.bungie.net/common/destiny2_content/screenshots/3161505826.jpg
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2021.10.27 19:24 SwoopingAndHooping =LEFT with nested FIND/SEARCH not working as expected

Hi All,
Hoping someone would be able to help with this. I’m trying to create a staffing sheet that will be publicly posted. Policy is that last names need to be omitted. The dataset I am exporting has names formatted as Last, First. My thought was to use =RIGHT(CELL,FIND(“,”,CELL)-1) to get first names, and then =LEFT(CELL,1) to get the first initial of the last name.
The last initial works as expected, but first names don’t seem to be truncating properly. My results are often returning several characters to the left of the commas and sometimes is taking too many characters off to the right of it.
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2021.10.27 19:24 ZachTheBomb I have been taken over by a boredom disease

Please help cure me
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2021.10.27 19:24 Allanfraser23 [HIRE ME]. A Writer Your Masters and Undergraduate Assignments & Essays With a Proven Track Record [Testimonials Attached]. At Prowriters5050@gmail.com & Discord: prowriters#0346

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2021.10.27 19:24 PROfessorShred Don't visit Keystone this Winter. They are about to screw over their employees.

Keystone recently announced that they will be forcefully installing bunk beds in rooms that people are already living in to "help the housing situation".
These people who signed a lease to pay for a single room of their own and expected to have a room of their own all winter will now be forced into a shared room with a bunkbed.
This barely helps housing and every employee I've talked to is pissed about this whether they are getting a bunk put in their room or not.
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2021.10.27 19:24 RexRowlan Good Vibes Slofi Music.

Good Vibes Slofi Music. submitted by RexRowlan to LofiHipHop [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:24 mcmustang51 Ultrawide monitor and FOV support?

Anyone with the game already know about this?
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2021.10.27 19:24 CASSEDITS_1989 Game on lol

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2021.10.27 19:24 wine_and_mastiffs Big girl blop

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