I’m buying this dip because why not

2021.10.27 18:56 Daisylinks I’m buying this dip because why not

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2021.10.27 18:56 Curious_Bison_2333 [WTS] Tudor Black Bay Blue 41mm (M79230B-0008)

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2021.10.27 18:56 Allanfraser23 [HIRE ME]. A Writer Your Masters and Undergraduate Assignments & Essays With a Proven Track Record [Testimonials Attached]. At Prowriters5050@gmail.com & Discord: prowriters#0346

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2021.10.27 18:56 punkish138 CVS’ backpack policy

So I was shopping at a CVS when one of the workers approached me telling me to leave my backpack by the door. Is this rule enforced by all of their stores in the city?
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2021.10.27 18:56 InJacquizzWeTrust Who wins

View Poll
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2021.10.27 18:56 0dog4r0n All I desire for kyoshin, just like his Onmitsu outfit but combined with the Kuchiyose set, I would die happily.

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2021.10.27 18:56 TheWazeau Monthly Glass Challenge: Voting for the November Theme

Greetings, all you wonderful glass enthusiasts!
It's that time of the month again, where we sit down and pick a glass challenge theme for the next month!
How it works, you ask? Very easy! comment below with a theme that you would like to see this month, and upvote whatever other themes you like! The voting will be secret, so the upvotes won't be visible until the very end! (1st of November) All you have to do after is post a creation that you have made, with this theme in mind, and tag it as a challenge post! Easy as that!
At the same time I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has already participated, you guys are amazing!
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2021.10.27 18:56 NoPizza1857 Un dibujo de luisardo xd no se dibujar pd:el pepe

Un dibujo de luisardo xd no se dibujar pd:el pepe submitted by NoPizza1857 to sexygang [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 18:56 WizdrWiser “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” submitted by WizdrWiser to SpecialSnowflake [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 18:56 Bloodfist_2009 My dog, Zapper.

My dog, Zapper. submitted by Bloodfist_2009 to aww [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 18:56 RadioRainbow123 A friend of mine drew Sleepy weepy during class!

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2021.10.27 18:56 Chickenfood 3 of 5 large terrain pieces complete for Orktober (had hoped for 5/5 but the other 2 are in varying stages of completion). CC welcome. I’m new so any tips/advice would be great

3 of 5 large terrain pieces complete for Orktober (had hoped for 5/5 but the other 2 are in varying stages of completion). CC welcome. I’m new so any tips/advice would be great submitted by Chickenfood to killteam [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 18:56 Jimpix_likes_Pizza How mich does the manga cover from the light novel?

So I am currently rewatching the anime and I was wondering about the source material since season 3 apparently got cancelled for some more sao. I found out there are 16 volumes of light novel (original) and 3 spinoff. Then there is a manga with 5 volumes and one with 4 about a spinoff. I was wondering how nuch do the 5 volune manga cover.
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2021.10.27 18:56 hotstepperog [help[ Advice for a newb.

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2021.10.27 18:56 xxBKP [USA-MO] [H] Cash, PayPal [W] AMD 6800, 6800XT

Hey everyone!
Local to St. Louis (63103) but will be in/around Chicago this upcoming weekend. Preference towards local. PM me with details about the card and where you are located! Comment on the thread when done.
(My first post on here, if I messed anything up please let me know!) *Reposted to fix formatting error.
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2021.10.27 18:56 Piggy9896 Hi

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2021.10.27 18:56 Robinjo1985 NBA YoungBoy Released From Prison!!

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2021.10.27 18:56 rivetingwisteria NARUTO: GRIEVING HEARTS [2 YEARS LATER]

Lights, camera, action. Think of the ninja world inside of the digital era: a cacophony of media coverage, your typical missions, and overwhelming situations that you will have to find a way to thrive in—all under the eye of public scrutiny. Social media drives the news and has become an excellent platform for ninja to connect with their followers worldwide. From brand deals to feature stories, you are expected to deal with publicity as a ninja. In this universe, generations of ninja have been tasked with finding themselves and learning what it takes to make their mark on the world. However, this generation is given the unique challenge of finding what makes one popular without allowing the dream of everlasting fame to revel them more than their job as a ninja. Good and evil come with any era, and that is not untrue for this one. Remember that the world is yin and yang, black and white, never melded into anything more or less. Imbalance brings war, and war brings eventual peace, and peace brings eventual war.
Quite recently, in the story, the “Dawn of Daybreak” organization or the “Akatsuki” have remerged as a significant threat to the ninja world. On the world’s largest stage, the Chūnin Exams Finals hosted in Sunagakure at the time; they introduced their group globally. Several members infiltrated the stadium despite the near-impossible standard of security present. Waves of golden sand produced a beautiful nightmare for the spectators. With one objective in mind, they completed the unsealing of one of the strongest ninja in history: the 2nd Kazekage, “The Immortal,” a man responsible for the former oppressive regime that nearly caused Sunagakure to go into economic and social remission for over a century. Articles ran for weeks following the massive rendezvous; from eye-witness accounts, ninjas actively engaged in combat with the criminal organization, and evacuation protocols, everything about the well-organized event meandered into shambles. Two years passed since the incident, and a few genin during that event ranked up to chūnin. With a looming threat on the horizon, one capable of ensuing absolute pandemonium, the ninja a part of the Four Great Ninja Villages have been tasked with taking down their biggest threat yet.
Following the last Great Ninja War, the prior generation’s heroes have fallen into a descent of less-tantalizing activity. Now established names with families and other ventures outside of their claim to fame, their drive is a remnant of their memorable glory. Alas, in the wake of this, a new generation has been born, and the cycle continues. Though the forests of Konohagakure have been a promising setting for many, this new generation of Grieving Hearts has opted for a more unique route. The old, deserted leaves have fallen, and dunes of sand have emerged in their place. The ninja of this new age will call Sunagakure their home, a blank canvas that has a lot to offer.
Furthermore, to add to the setting, the political and social atmosphere of Sunagakure is admittedly somewhat complicated.A majority of the government and military of Sunagakure was run with jashinists and members of that cult for at least a generation. This government towards the end of the last generation was overthrown and over the span of the time period prior to the upcoming generation, and a considerable effort was made to remove the rest of them from their positions of power. This is complicated because while stability had been achieved over the Revolutionists rule, towards the beginning of this generation’s story there will be four primary candidates vying for the position of Kazekage. Dependent on who’s selected could greatly change the scope of Sunagakure’s social standing and politics. Ironically, despite stability having overtaken Sunagakure for roughly twenty years, the village is entering yet another turning point where that progress could easily be wiped out.
In the grand scheme of Grieving Hearts lore, Sunagakure serves as the runt of the village litter for most of the storyline—but that changes now. There’s a certain level of intrigue that this generation of young, talented shinobi would be among the first individuals to enter the annals of history. In Konohagakure, there’s no shortage of grandiose shinobi and legends. The First Kazekage was a Shukaku Jinchūriki that served as the first conquest of the hero of Konohagakure. The second is a powerful jashinist, gaining the moniker “The Immortal” due to his century-long reign as the crude, cruel leader of Sunagakure. The third was a revolutionist, a brilliant Kekkei Genkai fighter, whose claim to fame was providing what little stability to Sunagakure it currently has. With all of that in mind, the story starts with the election of a new Kazekage. Moreover, it begins with the tale of a new age of Sunagakure shinobi.
If any of this interests you, we also have other things to offer:

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/YBeP9sfCmc
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2021.10.27 18:56 Objective_Relative24 👹DiabloNomics $DIABLO | Fair Launch ✅ | massive potential

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Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xa542f7c2f65b3188b695cb66f0fd0b21e9d76d69
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2021.10.27 18:56 teddymaxwell596 Am I the only one who feels that AGLC4 could be simplified enormously?

I'm a law student, and the further I get into my study the more and more I reach the conclusion that AGLC4 is a clunky, unwieldy and somewhat-over-the-top referencing system. Don't get me wrong, referencing is critical, but this particular style just seems so anal compared to other's I've used, and instead of providing a conceptual framework on how things should be ordered in general it's unnecessarily prescriptive and has a style for every.possible.scenario.
Got some case law from the rural magistrates court of north-western Nigeria? Don't worry, find how to specifically reference Nigerian courts on page 1,842. Personally I think it needs to be trimmed down with an overarching system on how they want things structured conceptually, and lay off providing a rule for every possible outcome in that voluminous book. Thoughts?
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2021.10.27 18:56 Listing_Agent I Began My Real Estate Career in San Francisco

I'm 28 years old and NONE of my friends/co-workers/acquaintances my age are in any sort of position in the near future of buying or selling.
I'm relegated to asking friends' parents, and even then, many are looking towards retirement.
What do I do? I have a big sphere in San Francisco, born & raised but really nobody in my 25-34 age range is buying within the next few years. Most are just waiting to eventually inherit their parents place.
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2021.10.27 18:56 Otimos 4 sentada eu já gozava 🔥🥺

4 sentada eu já gozava 🔥🥺 submitted by Otimos to gostosasdancando [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 18:56 FlashBarricade Dune: Titan Heavy Stillsuit. Perfected.

Dune: Titan Heavy Stillsuit. Perfected. submitted by FlashBarricade to DestinyFashion [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 18:56 dom5721 Best stat for chimps on first map

Been trying to beat chimps on the first map, Closest I've got is a druid strat, round 98 ends it.. everytime.
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2021.10.27 18:56 DJCheezsticks Want fast boats have buddha and door or dark

Comment if you want to do this
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